MOCVD Quantum Dots Cells Projects

The research team of the Laboratory headed by Nikolay Kalyuzhnyy is carrying out the following investigations and developments in frames of the Megagrant for research “Development of new generation photovoltaics on the base of materials with the intermediate band”:


  • performance of calibration processes of growing GaAs/GaInAs/GaAs quantum wells (QWs) for determining InAs material growth rate for different epitaxial conditions: mole flux of the III group atoms, relationship among atoms of the V and III groups, growth temperature, degree of substrate misorientation and other;
  • investigation of GaAs/GaInAs/GaAs photo-luminescent properties for determining optimum conditions of InAs material deposition in the MOCVD epitaxial process and also for determining the dependence of GaInAs QW photoluminescence parameters (intensity, halfwidth) on the epitaxial conditions;
  • investigation of InAs quantum dot (QD) deposition processes in the MOCVD epitaxy at different conditions;
  • investigation of the effect of QD deposition epitaxial regimes in the reactor on QD density and dimension;
  • investigation of a possibility to use layers compensating stresses in epitaxial double heterostructures with multiple QWs;
  • investigation of a possibility to store QD layers during MOCVD process;
  • investigation of luminescent properties of stored QDs (QD massifs);
  • investigation of two-photon absorption processes in the layers with QDs;
  • growth of solar cell GaAs structures with built-in QD massifs by the MOCVD technique;
  • elaboration of approaches to applying methods for fabricating PVCs of solar cell structures containing nanoheterostructures with quantum-dimensional effects;
  • optimization of the design of GaAs PVCs containing nanoheterostructures with quantum-dimensional effects;
  • development of the structure of MJ (GaInP/GaAs) solar cells having nano-heterostructures with quantum-dimensional effects and of epitaxial nano-heterostructure layers and their fabrication by the MOCVD technique;
  • elaboration of approaches to application of methods for fabricating MJ nanostructure PVCs;
  • analytical investigation of the MJ nano-heterostructure PVC spectral and I-V characteristics;
  • developing solutions on optimizing the design of MJ nano-heterostructure PVCs based on materials with an intermediate band.