Antonio Luque



Antonio Luque 

Head of the  Head of the Laboratory of Nanostructured Solar Cells  

Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute,

- Doctor in Telecom. Engineering. Thesis “Production of a ruby laser and study of its energy vs. time output” ETSIT 1967, Tutor, Prof. Rogelio Segovia; grade Sobresaliente (10/10). Extraordinary Prize (1st laser made in Spain).

- Master in Solid State Physics, University of Toulouse, 1965, grade “Bien” (8/10).

- Master in Telecommunication Engineering (ETSIT, Madrid), 1964, grade “Notable” (8/10).


-President (honorary position) of the Solar Energy Institute of the Technical University of Madrid, 2014-today.

-Head of the Laboratory of Nanostructured Solar Cells, (Megagrant) Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, 2013-today.

-Emeritus Chair Professor. Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM). Post retired statute, granted for merit , with faculty for being Principal Investigator, PhD advisor, etc. and keeping voting rights in some collegiate boards (he keeps office, e-mail etc . at UPM). Since 1012.

-Chair Professor of Electronics, School of Telecom., Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) 1970-2012.

- Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of CENTESIL S.L. 2006-2012.

- Founder and Director of the Solar Energy Institute, UPM, 1979-85 and 1986-2009.

- Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Isofotón SL, 1981-1990.

- Director of the School of Telecommunication, UPM, 1985-86.

- Director of the Physical Electronics Department, School of Telecom. UPM, 1978-85.


- Member of the Scientific Advisory Council, Centre for Advanced Solar Photophysics (Joint Action of NREL+LANL), 2010-persent.

- Founder and Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Institute for Photovoltaic Concentration Systems (ISFOC) in Castilla La Mancha, 2006-present.

- Member of the Scientific Council of LITEN /CEA (Grenoble), 2007-2010.

- Member of the Technical Advisory Board of the Nitol Group (Moscow) 2007-2009.

- Scientific Advisory Board Member of Institut fuer Solarforschung Hameln, 2005-2008.

- Advisory Committee Member of Hahn Meitner Institut, Berlin, 2004-2008.

- International Committee of the Global Energy Price (the main energy prize, established by the President of the Russian Federation and granted since 2003), 2002-2005.

- Spanish Committee of Big Scientific Installations, 1996-2005.

- National Committee for Evaluation of the Research Personnel, 1995-2001.

- European Science and Technology Assembly (ESTA) and member Bureau, 1997-2000.

- Advisory Council for Science and Technology (highest advisory body to the Spanish Government, 1996-2000.

- Board of Trustees of the Higher Council of Scientific Research (Federation of National Labs.), 1996-2000.

- Vice-President of the European Renewable Energy Centres (EUREC) Agency, 1994-1996.


- Foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, since 2011

- Illustrious Personality of the UPM, appearing in the website

- SolarWorld Senior Einstein Award granted by SolarWorld AG in 2008.

- William Cherry Award for Photovoltaic Science and Technology Granted by IEEE in 2006

- Doctor Honoris Causa of University of Jaen (Spain), 2005

- Doctor Honoris Causa of University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain), 2005

- Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Engineering, 2005

- Member of the Byelorussian Academy of Engineering, 2005

- National Prize for Technology Transfer "Juan de la Cierva" 2003. Granted every two years by the King of Spain together with other national prizes.

- (not a personal prize) Prince Felipe (Crown Price) Prize to Renewable Energy and Energetic Efficiency 2002, granted to the company Isofotón. In the mention it is said: “the company was formed in 1981 to implement industrially the technology of manufacturing of photovoltaic cells as the result of a research project led by Professor Antonio Luque, of the UPM”

- Honorary Member of Ioffe Institute, 2002 (about 40 members half of them from Russia half from abroad, among them N. Basov, Nobel in Physics 1964; L. Esaki, Nobel in Physics 1973; K. von Klitzing, Nobel in Physics 1985; A. Prokhorov, Nobel in Physics 1964).

- Prize “Rey Jaime I” for Environmental Research Granted by the Regional Government of Valencia, 1999 and delivered by the Crown Prince; four Nobel laureates in the granting committee (M. Molina, Chemistry 1995; S. Chu, Physics 1997, I. Prigogine Chemistry 1977 and W. Arber Medicine 1978). Member appointed to the Scientific High Council of the Valencian regional president.

- Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain: elected Founding Member since 1995 (numerus clausus of 60 members), Librarian from 1995-1998, Vice-President 1999 – 2002. Member at large since then.

- "Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel Prize", 1992. Granted by the European Commission for R&D in Photovoltaics. By votes from a selected group of 50 scientists worldwide. Laudatio, Keynote Address by the awarded at the Opening Session of the EU Photovoltaic Conference (Montreaux, 12/10/1992, before some 1000 delegates).

- National Prize for Technology Research "Leonardo Torres Quevedo" 1987. Granted every two years by the King of Spain together with other national prizes.


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Total Publications in ISI: 324      Total Number of citations in ISI: >4038                H number in ISI: 30

Most cited publication in ISI: >844;        Most cited publication in Google Scholar: >1340            


Track Record

1. Five selected invited review papers.

  1. A. Luque, A. Marti, and C. Stanley, Understanding intermediate-band solar cells. Nature Photonics 6 (2012) 142-152. Invited, ISI IF= 29.3
  2. Luque, A. & Marti, A., Photovoltaics: Towards the intermediate band. Nature Photonics 5 (March 2011), 137-138 (2011). Invited, ISI IF=29.3
  3. Luque, A. & Marti, A., The intermediate band solar cell: progress towards the realization of an attractive concept. Adv. Mater. 22, 160-174 (2009). Invited, ISI IF: 13.9
  4. Luque, A. Martí, AJ. Nozik, Solar cells based on quantum dots: Multiple exciton generation and intermediate bands, MRS Bulletin 32 (3) 236-241, 2007. Invited. ISI Citations: 108
  5. Luque, A.: Will we exceed 50% efficiency in Photovoltaics? Journal of Applied Physics 110, 031301 (2011). Invited.

2. Five selected research papers

  1. A. Luque, A. Martí, Increasing the efficiency of ideal solar cells by photon induced transitions at intermediate levels, Physical Review Letters 78 (26): 5014-5017, 1997. ISI citations: 844.
  2. Martí, E. Antolín, C.R. Stanley, CD. Farmer, N. López, P. Díaz, E. Cánovas, PG.Linares, A. Luque, Production of photocurrent due to intermediate to conduction band transitions: A demostration of a key operating principle of the intermediate band solar cell, Physical Review Letters 97(24) 247701, 2006. ISI citations: 192
  3. A. Luque, A. Martí, A metallic intermediate band high efficiency solar cell, Progress in Photovoltaics 9 (2): 73-86, 2001. ISI citations: 152
  4. Luque, A. Martí, L. E. Antolín, C. Tablero, Intermediate bands versus levels in non-radiative recombination, Physica B- Condensed Matter 382(1-2) 320-327, 2006. ISI Citations: 108
  5. Luque, A. Marti, C. Stanley, N. Lopez, L. Cuadra, D. Zhou, JL.Pearson, A. McKee, General equivalent circuit for intermediate band devices: Potentials, currents and electroluminescence, Journal of Applied Physics 96(1) 903-9099 , 2004. ISI Citations: 96.

3. Five selected research monographs

  1. A. Luque and S. Hegedus , Eds. Handbook of Photovoltaic Science and Engineering, John Wiley, (Chichester), 2003. There is an updated second edition in 2011.
  2.  A. Luque and V.M. Andreev, Eds. Concentrator Photovoltaics, Springer, Heidelberg (Berlin), 2007.
  3.  A. Marti and A. Luque Eds. Next Generation Photovoltaics: High Efficiency through Full Spectrum Utilization, Institute of Physics, Bristol, CRC Press, 2003. There is an updated second edition of 2012.  
  4. Luque, A. & Araujo, G.L. eds., Physical limitations to photovoltaic energy conversion. (Adam Hilger (IOP), Bristol, 1990).
  5. Luque, A., Solar Cells and Optics for Photovoltaic Concentration. (Adam Hilger, Bristol, 1989).

4. Five selected patents (granted with previous examination)

  1. A. Luque Double-sided solar cell with self-refrigerating concentrator US4169738  (1979)
  2. A. Luque et al.  Intermediate band semiconductor photovoltaic solar cell US6444897  (2002)
  3. A. Luque et al. Método para la supresión de la recombinación no radiativa en materiales dopados con centros profundos. ES-P200503055 (2008)
  4. A. Luque Dispositivo para acoplar la luz de forma óptima a una célula solar de banda intermedia realizada mediante puntos cuánticos. ES-P200700411 (2009)
  5. A. Luque et al, Epitaxial Reactor for mass production of wafers. US8435349 B2 (2013)

5. Five selected Invited lectures

  1. A. Luque, The Unstoppable Rise of Photovoltaic Solar Energy: PV vs. PV, The 7th St. Petersburg Nobel Laureates Meeting, Plenary Lecture, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2012
  2.   A. Luque, Expectations on the Very High Concentration Photovoltaics Performance. Plenary Lecture, 37th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, Seattle, WA, USA, 2011
  3.   A. Luque, Advances in Intermediate Band Solar Cell Research, Nature Photonics Technology Conference, Tokyo, Japan, 2010
  4. A. Luque, New approaches to the intermediate band solar cell concept, Plenary Lecture, 24th European Photovoltaic Conference, Hamburg, Germany, 2009.
  5. A. Luque, Photovoltaics at the threshold of its global deployment. Gordon Research Conference on Defects in Semiconductors, Post-diner Lecture, Colby-Sawyer College, New London, NH, USA, 2006