Nikolay Kalyuzhnyy



Nikolay A. Kalyuzhnyy, PhD

Head of MOCVD Quantum Dots direction in Nanostructure Solar Cells Laboratory

Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute,



1995-2001: Graduate student of St-Petersburg National Electro Technical University (LETI), Russia

2001: Obtained Master's degree,

2001-2004: Engineer in IOFFE PTI,

2004-2009: Junior researcher in IOFFE PTI,

2012 Obtained PhD degree

2009-present: Researcher in IOFFE PTI.



  • Development at GaAs/Ge heterostructure photovoltaic cells fabricated by a combination of MOCVD (with homemade atmospheric pressure MOCVD installation) and zinc diffusion techniques.

  • Starting the MOCVD growth equipment (homemade installation (based on Neon,Russia) and AIX200/4 installation (Germany).

  • Development of tandem solar cells for concentration application. As a result of investigations the dual-junction solar cells GaInP/GaAs SCs obtained have demonstrated the conversion efficiency more than 30% for concentration sunlight.

  • Development of 3-junction GaInP/GaAs/Ge solar cells for terrestrial and space applications.



N.A. Kalyuzhnyy has being working in the field of A3B5 structure epitaxial growth by MOCVD technique. He is one of technologists who are working with the AIX200/4 MOCVD installation (with Dr. V.M.Lantratov and S.A. Mintairov) in PV lab of IOFFE PTI. He participated in start up of the equipments required for the AIX200/4.

He has experience of the epitaxial technology development of arsenide and phosphide semiconductor materials on both GaAs and Ge substrates. In his investigation he uses a number of the methods, including optical in-situ measurements, analysis of current-voltage and spectral characteristics of SCs.

N.A. Kalyuzhnyy is involved in the scientific projects supported by RFBR and Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

He is co-author of more than 50 papers and conference proceedings. Main contribution in the publication is the following: epitaxial growth of structures, the analysis of in-situ optical measurements, the analysis of the dark current-voltage characteristics.




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